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Mary Miner, proprietor

Born and raised outside of London, Mary MacInnes-Miner was drawn to Paris early on by her love of art and design. She met Bob Miner while working there as a simultaneous translator, and moved with him to the United States after they were married. Although it was primarily his wine country fantasy that brought Oakville Ranch into their lives in 1989, Mary quickly fell in love with the place.

Every weekend for three out of four seasons during the year, she inhabits the gardens, the vineyards, the hothouse, the citrus groves and—of course—the ranch kitchen. An inveterate tender of flower beds and cultivator of fruits and vegetables, she is also a legendary chef, hosting friends and family by the carload and feeding everyone from the ranch yield.

Her early morning run through the vineyard is a ritual that lets her monitor the progress of the fruit and stay in touch with what's doing among the vines. She's the first to sight a fledgling taking wing from a raptor roost or to spot a breech in a fence line. Dividing her life between Napa Valley and San Francisco, Mary spends as much time as she can cooking and carousing with her grandchildren. She is a lover and avid supporter of music, from the Rolling Stones to SF Jazz to the San Francisco Ballet.


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