Oakville Ranch vineyards produce fruit that speaks from the appellation's signature red volcanic soil.
The Cabernets of the Oakville District are celebrated among the New World’s finest.
Oakville Ranch is a California Certified Organic Farmer (CCOF), dedicated to a significant and well-planned program of sustainability and biodiversity.
Oakville Ranch produces only 4 wines a year totaling 900 cases.
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At Oakville Ranch, balance in the wine glass starts with harmony in the vineyard.
A red-tailed hawk patrols the sky. A bluebird surveys the vine rows from atop her nest box. A gardener tends the insectary. A dense cover crop enriches the soil as a winemaker and viticulturist walk the vineyard and discuss terroir.
This is Oakville Ranch, where every detail matters in growing grapes and crafting wines that reflect this singular estate.