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Like No Place Else — In a Glass

Every single day, in every corner of Oakville Ranch, each task we turn to is part of making wine. Planting cover crops is making wine. Protecting wetlands is making wine. Topping barrels is making wine. Comparing soil samples is making wine. Every bottle is this place: this stony soil, that slant of light, this windbreak, this steep slope, that graded rise.

We work to understand each block and blend like you would a person. We keep our ears open to its specific voice. Because living things evolve, every vintage exhibits different qualities. But the character of Oakville Ranch wines remains consistent—uniformly expressing the uniqueness of this place like none other.

The Oakville Ranch label, designed by Tom Bonauro, conveys the "here-ness" of place in the garnet yam color of our "O" logo. It's the color of the red dirt lining every path along the hillside. The label also speaks to owner Mary Miner's love for modern and contemporary art, starting with the Henry Moore sculpture gracing the lawn at the ranch entrance.
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